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Black Hats Written by Patrick Culhane
12-30-2017, 08:20 AM,
Black Hats Written by Patrick Culhane
I am sure many of us have read or heard about famous characters from the "old west" era. Wyatt Earp, "Doc" Holliday, Bat Masterson, Kate Elder, and Al Capone! Yes, Al Capone. I had never associated a connection between those famous western legends and a gangster such as Al Capone! Black Hats is a terrifically well researched book that weaves a lot of fact with some fiction to create a great read, and will tell of that connection between the prohibition times, old west characters, and Al Capone.

Wyatt Earp was no longer a Western Dance School in Chennai legitimate lawman in his aging years but he had a badge that his buddies at the LAPD had given him for when he assisted them on a few cases. Wyatt felt this gave him all the authority he needed to go east when Doc Holliday's common law widow asked him to find her son, Johnny Holliday, in the New York City area. Wyatt's wife, Sadie, was not very happy that he was traveling by himself to do a favor for Doc's wife Kate Elder, especially since Kate and Wyatt once had a fling or two. Kate was worried that Johnny was getting in over his head in New York and that the gangsters would give him many problems and Wyatt was the best person to check on him. So Wyatt started on his long train trip east seeing many things he never knew existed other than reading about them.

Since prohibition had started, "speakeasies" had started all over the nation but were exceptionally frequent in big eastern cities such as New York. Speakeasies stayed in business by payoffs to those that threatened them and were run as a private club with admittance only to those known by the doormen of these prohibition era drinking places. Some, like Johnny's place, were high class but a few were very low on the totem pole.

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