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Forum Rules
12-12-2014, 04:33 AM, (This post was last modified: 12-12-2014, 04:33 AM by TittySenpai.)
Exclamation  Forum Rules
A. General.

1. Staff have final say.
This goes without saying. Should be pretty easy to understand. If a moderator or an admin or the like requests something of you, you should listen to them. They will be reasonable. For example, if we ask you to stop arguing with another user, we expect you to stop. Don't argue with us unless there is an amazingly good reason. That is disrespectful, and you will get a warn each time this happens. If it is severe, you may get a ban as appropriate.

2. No making multiple accounts.
Self-explanatory. If any of the mods catch you, the extra account will be banned, and you will receive a three month ban. Second time, full and permanent ban of every type (IP, account, e-mail). If I catch you with an extra account, it will just be deleted.

3. Read the stickies and announcements.
Read them. They have important information. If something has been posted which is already mentioned in an announcement or sticky, it will be locked. If this happens frequently, you will get a warn or ban as needed.

4. Please make an initial post.
If you sign up, please make a post, as every so-and-so day at some given time, users who have never signed in, have 0 posts, and have joined before two days ago will be deleted. This will help to ensure that only mostly bots get deleted.

5. Read the first post of a thread before you post in it.
Read the first post of a thread before you post in it, as it probably has important things in it.
Those who don't are subject to whatever is necessary.

6. Do not use disposable e-mail sites to sign up.
As said, do not use any sort of disposable e-mail site to create an account. If you are caught, there will be extremely harsh punishments. I have banned as many disposable e-mail sites as I can find, however, this does not mean that you should go and find sites that are not banned, unless you yourself would like a very harsh ban.

B. Related to Content.

1. Nothing illegal.
This is something which I shouldn't even have to explain. Nothing that breaks the law. We should not see pirating links, or anything of the like, nor are you allowed to give away others' information. It is private. This shall result in an automatic 3 month ban, the second, a full ban of IP, account, and e-mail.

2. No spamming.
Spam can be interpreted in various ways. On this forum, it shall be interpreted as something within these general lines:
・Making an excessive amount of short posts repeatedly.
・Posting twice in a row (double posting) within a 24-hour period in one thread, without anyone else's post in between.
・Posting in the wrong location.
・Intentionally driving a thread off-topic.
・Flooding a forum.
・Stalking members' threads or replies by constantly focusing or beating down on solely their posts.
・Making a thread or post which is identical or close enough to a thread which already exists.
・Having just a quote for a post.
・Having just a picture for a post if it is unrelated to the thread or topic.
・Posting excessively to gain post count. (If this happens, I will be notified and your post count will be disabled for a period of time which the staff will decide)
・One-word posts/Short-posts
・Post only consisting of "I agree", "Thanks", "Yes", or something similar which does not help
・Thread titles like "Please Read", "Important", "My Ideas", etc
・Something within these general lines
Each time this happens, you will get a warn and the post will be deleted or if it's a title, edited appropriately.

3. No trolling.
Trolling can be interpreted in many ways, like spamming. This includes, but is not limited to flaming or any posts of the like which are meant to provoke a user. Harassment of any sort shall result in a 7 day ban, the second infraction will be a permanent IP and account ban.

4. Try to have decipherable grammar/spelling.
At least try to be understandable. Occasional spelling misses, or some difficulties from not writing in your native language can be alright, but if it is too severe, you will receive a warn.

5. Cut down on the smilies/"lol" and Caps Lock.
Caps Lock and excessive smilies or "lols" are frowned upon. Just don't do it. A warn if it happens excessively. Too many breaks, and you may get bans as appropriate.

6. Please have small sigs.
No sig should be ridiculously large. If they are, we will notify you and give you 24 hours to change it. After that, you receive a warn and we will do it by force. The number of animated gifs allowed in 1 sig is 1.

7. Please hide images/videos.
If you have large videos or images, please put them in a spoiler as to not slow down everyone. Warn if we see this.

8. Please hide spoilers.
If you have spoilers, put warnings in the thread title if you made the thread, or make a spoiler tag and say that is a spoiler. If we catch an open spoiler, you will be banned, the length determined by severity/number of infractions. Spoilers count as deaths, identity reveals, or anything major.

9. No advertising.
Any threads advertising something will be edited to remove it, locked, and the user will be banned for a day the first time. Ban lengths will increase as needed after that.

10. No monetary related issues.
Any threads asking for monetary transactions, donations, etcetera etcetera, will be locked and edited, and the user will receive a one day ban the first time, increasing as needed after that.

11. Read the first post.
Before you post in a thread, read the first post. It will probably contain important information. Punishment varies depending on severity.

12. No Caps Lock.
This should be obvious. Don't make your posts in caps. It's annoying. Three strikes and then a one day ban. More as needed.

C. Behavioral

1. Respect other users.
Be respectful to other users. Don't call them noobs, or other derogatory terms, or otherwise be disrespectful. Warn or ban as punishment as needed.

2. Don't whine.
Don't. Warn every time. Bans will be issued if it gets ridiculous.

3. Don't argue.
Please don't. We'll tell you to stop. If you don't, a warn. If you keep up after that, a one day ban. So on, and increasing severity with it. If a thread is filled with an argument, it will be locked, and warns/bans as needed handed.

4. No minimodding please.
Please do not act like a mod please. If you see something that breaks the rules, just report it. Don't post about it, or you will receive punishment. I'm sorry, but warning people they are breaking the rules counts as minimodding as well. Just don't. A one day ban first time we catch you, harsher as it goes on.
08-01-2016, 05:21 AM, (This post was last modified: 08-01-2016, 05:24 AM by lilliejd3.)
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